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Oil boiler and oil cooker service, repair and installation in Kent.

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Useful Information

If your Boiler or Cooker fails to light

Pressure Jet Burners

  1. Check that the programmer set to ‘On’ and that the time is correctly set.  If this is not the case, check that the mains switch is on and that the fuse is OK.
  2. If the lockout light is on, push the lockout light button twice only to reset the burner.  The lockout light button is situated inside on the burner and is usually a round or square red neon-lit button.
  3. If the burner fails to relight, check the oil level in the tank, that the oil taps have not been not turned off and that the fire valve has not tripped.
  4. If the lockout light is not on, and the mains supply is OK, check the thermostats including the ‘High Limit’ thermostat on the boiler.  The High Limit thermostat trips if the boiler overheats.  Refer to your boiler manual for the location of the High Limit thermostat reset.

Vapourising Burners (Aga Rayburn)

  1. Check the oil level in the tank, that the oil taps have not been not turned off and that the fire valve has not tripped.
  2. If the burner lights but won't reach heat, check that the electricity supply is on if the burner is electrically controlled.  If the burner is manually controlled, check that the control knob not turned down.

If the above fails to solve your problem, contact us to arrange a visit.

Useful Contacts

We are happy to recommend the following tradespeople:

Electrical work

  • Kevin Sawyer  01622 858550
  • Peter Saunders  07877 864115


  • Mark Barton  07759 704322
  • Paul Masterson  01233 637959

Gas Servicing and Installations

  • Paul Masterson  01233 637959

Chimney Sweeping

Kitchen and Barthroom Fitting

  • John Wheeler 01233 756633


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