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Oil boiler and oil cooker service, repair and installation in Kent.

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What We Do

As OFTEC registered technicians we can offer you:

Breakdown Repairs

We appreciate how distressing an unexpected boiler or cooker breakdown can be, and will therefore always try to deal with breakdowns on the same or following day they are reported.

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Boiler and Cooker Servicing

Keeping your boiler or cooker properly serviced will reduce the risk of breakdowns and increase their efficiency.

A service will also check that the boiler or cooker is working properly, minimizing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  This is caused when the oil in your boiler is not burnt properly.  The signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are hard to spot and are easily confused with those of tiredness or a cold.

Boiler Servicing

Most boiler manufacturers recommend that your boiler is serviced once a year.

What we do:

  • Remove baffles from boiler and clean inside boiler
  • Remove burner and clean blast tube
  • Replace nozzle if needed
  • Check electrodes and adjust if needed
  • Check and clean photo cell
  • Replace any damage or worn seals or gaskets
  • Check levels of carbon monoxide and adjust combustion gases using a flue gas analyser
  • Replace flexible oil hose if needed
  • Carry out oil tank checks

Pressure Jet Cooker Servicing

Many pressure cookers also double up as a boiler and most manufacturers recommend that they are serviced at least once a year.

We service a wide range of cookers including AGA, Rayburn, Stanley, Alpha, Esse, Sandyford, Watson, Heritage and many more

What we do:

  • Remove hot plate and any baffles and clean inside
  • Remove burners and clean blast tubes
  • Replace nozzles if needed
  • Check electrodes and adjust if needed
  • Check and clean photo cell
  • Check and clean any fans and flues
  • Replace any damage or worn seals or gaskets
  • Check and adjust combustion gases using a flue gas analyser
  • Replace flexible oil hose if needed
  • Check there is proper ventilation
  • Carry out oil tank checks

Vapourising Cooker Servicing

Most manufacturers recommend vapourising cookers are serviced every 6 months.

What we do:

  • Check flow rates on high and low fire
  • Check cold oil depth
  • Check flue draught
  • Clean burner and check shells
  • Renew wicks if needed
  • Check and clean airways
  • Check controls work properly
  • Carry out oil tank checks

Oil Tank Checks

What we do:

  • Clean/ replace strainers or filters
  • Check tank for water
  • Check tank and pipe work for leaks, corrosion and damage
  • Check tank location for safety

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Power Flushing

We also offer a power flushing service to clean out your central heating system.

Power flushing involves pumping water and a cleaning agent round the system at a higher velocity than usual to remove the build up of harmful corrosion deposits.  The cause of such harmful deposits is not having enough corrosion inhibitor in your system or the use of a poor quality inhibitor, resulting in corrosion of the system from the inside out.

Signs that your heating system may need power flushing

  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Boiler noises (knocking, sounds like a kettle boiling)
  • Radiators taking an unusually long time to warm up
  • Radiators needing regular bleeding of air
  • Repeated circulation pump failures
  • Radiator water dirty or discoloured

Fitting a new boiler to an existing system

When a new boiler is fitted to an existing system the boiler manufacturer will require that the system is power flushed to remove debris.  This is because modern efficient boilers have compact heat exchangers with narrow waterways which makes them more susceptible to problems caused by corrosion deposits.

What we do on a power flush

On a power flush we will individually clean each radiator, the boiler and the heating coil or heat exchanger.  Once the system has been flushed it will contain clean fresh water.  We will then rebalance your radiators and add the recommended amount of a good quality corrosion inhibitor to your system.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about power flushing, or would like a quote for power flushing your oil fired system.

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Alpha cooker insulation relining

In our experience, after ten years the Alpha cooker combustion chamber insulation tends to break down and need replacing.  We offer a unique insulation relining service for this cooker.


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